Thursday, January 31, 2008

Heartfelt Expression

27. War
26. Biting the Dust
25. Drizzle
24. Moments of Redemption
23. Trembling At The Brim
22. Inspired By Indignation
21. Turning Wheel
20. Smile
19. Perfect Eight
18. Moth Eaten
17. Blow Gently Wind
16. Resurgence
15. Odyssey
14. Where Time Looses All Meaning...
13. Ganga At Gaumukh
12. Metamorphosnow
11. What's In A Face?
10. You opened the floodgates
9. If Not For Clouds...
8. I beg for forgiveness
7. Salvation
6. Tantalization
5. Blossoming
4. Desiderata - Max Ehrmann
3. Dangerous Heights
2. A struggle to conquer destiny
1. Love Understands and Therefore Waits


Akshay said...


Remember the stuff u've written..its really nice...have read all of it though...will need time..Keep it up..

Sowmya said...

Akshay shetty right?

Welcome to this space...

Glad you liked my work..

Please do some back again... I like company.. :)

Ketan said...

Good, you like company on your blog! I was concerned if I was invading into your very private space. :)

Sheetal Jain said...

Good one :)