Wednesday, August 08, 2007


A small stream began
Her journey as a narrow brook,
Trickling down a rocky hill
Amidst herbs, shrubs,
Creepers and climbers

From her origin in the mountains
All the way to the plains
She is fed by melting snow,
Ice from glaciers, tributaries
And rains from the heaven
Like a maiden full of youth
Fed by dreams and fantasies,
Desires and aspirations
Welling and swelling
With every passing year

Relentlessly marching
Through rocks and thorns
Dancing her way through
Kingdoms and empires
She flows perennially, persistently
Perpetually and persuasively
To attain fulfillment
To achieve completeness
That comes with the possibility
Of a confluence with the ocean

But the ocean is oblivious to her search
He beckons her to unite with him
And eludes her at the same time

She has waited long enough
It has been a tiring journey
A journey through a rough terrain
A journey of solitude
The maiden needs to unite with her man
She has traveled a thousand miles
Can’t you take a step towards her?

Appear before her, where ever you are
Engulf her with everlasting love
Appear before her, where ever you are
Embrace her and help her attain Salvation


Unknown said...

wat a imagination.! Waiting for the ocean to engulf her.

Ramnath said...

very nicely written..