Wednesday, August 08, 2007


For more than two decades
This soil has not seen a drop of water
Every time a cloud passes above
I go down on my knees
Arms wide open
There is a silent prayer on my lips
And gratefulness in my heart
For the respite given to my burning soul
By the benevolent sky at last
Eager to absorb every drop of water
Ready to devour every drop of the showers
I close my eyes and wait…..

But each time
The clouds just pass by

My eyes follow the clouds as far as the horizon
Hoping beyond hopes
That the winds will change direction
But the clouds drift away to another land

If they do not intend to rain
Why do the clouds manifest themselves above me?
Raise hopes in my mind
Only to disappoint me?
Why this tantalization?
Have the elements of nature
No morals or ethics to follow?
The Sun, the rain,
The winds and the clouds
Are they not answerable to anyone?

Oh destiny! Stop this cruelty at once
For there is no greater cause of distress,
No greater cause of sorrow in life
Than the cause of unrequited love

1 comment:

castle said...

I think the stuff I find in here is touching, insightful, sincere, and raw, only slightly censored, face slapping, and fun.
There's more here for me to see. I appreciate the time and effort you have put into this place of yours.
I feel connected to it, and to you. You have ended this poem with a bombshell. Not until the end is one aware of where you're going with it, which just so happened to be right where I'm sitting.
What more can I say? How about a whole lot? You have inspired me to thought...

The clouds are gone now...
Oh no!...a breeze?...the back door!
Unrequited love.