Saturday, June 22, 2019

Never Before Has the Country Been Divided Like This!

It's actually true that post 2014, there has been polarization. The people of the country are divided like never before. The divide between Hindu nationalists and leftist-liberals is clear, complete, absolute and deeper than before.
Earlier I had a few of them liberals in my circle and we used to hang out together, have coffee, lunch and debate and discuss this and that. People had a few things to say about every subject and that at times happened to include history, politics and religion. But most were apolitical. We could leave aside those subjects and endlessly discuss how plastic Aishwarya Rai was, whether Chetan Bhagat's books had any substance and so on.

2014 changed all that.
The atmosphere was charged with politics. No one could be apolitical anymore. Everyone had to take a stand and be on one or the other side of the fence. Fence sitters had no choice but to become part of the national discourse.
In fact the fence had been shifted to the right so that even those who had been masquerading as neutral all these years by saying meaningless things like 'I am not judgmental’, ‘I don't want to hate’, ‘all are children of God' now found themselves to the left of the fence, and left of centre!
You get the point, if you are not with us, you are against us.

So weeks and months after Modi won, my liberal connections left my FB wall one by one - unable to stand my strong pro BJP views and Islamic exposé, or else, I blocked them off.
One of them left bang on May 14 when BJP won. When the whole country was euphoric over the end of ten years of UPA and Manmohan, this Malayali’s was worried that Modi may ban beef. Seeing that on my wall, I told him not to worry, he could use Kerala Muslims who had connections with Pakistan's ISI and import his beef from there. And that was the end of ten years of our friendship. Now you understand what kind of a divide 2014 created!

What contributed to the divide most, was the leftist-liberal's sense of entitlement. The years before 2014, they were allowed to have their views - against Babri demolition, against post Godhra, against RSS and we right wingers dared not breathe a word or a whisper opposing those views or we would be dismissed as fanatics and fundamentalists. After 2014, when right wingers found their leader and their voice and started to express their views, the leftists would have none of that! They cried intolerance, saffronization, division and polarization and what not! That's when we saw how entitled the leftists were and that the politeness, courtesies, tolerance, accommodation and adjustment we had been extending to them all our lives, they were not ready to extend to us. Not an inch, not a needle tip!
And that made us angry and indignant!

Now when I bump into some liberal here or there, I don't bring up the subject of politics, in fact I don't talk to them at all, and if they happen to be discussing their beef (pun intended) in a group, I leave the place. Because they are not worth my time. I dismiss them as pseudo seculars; as low IQ cowards who piggy back on political correctness and don't have the courage for the truth, nor the intelligence to have an opinion of their own other than the media manufactured ones kept on the shelves, and hence not worth talking to. And I'm sure they dismiss me too.
As they raise the pitch and oppose even national anthem and Vande Mataram, I am offended by their very existence, and they are perhaps offended by mine. So we are divided. To the extent we don't even want to have coffee or lunch together, because we just don't see the point of it all.

But then when doodh ka doodh and pani ka pani happens, when the unmixable oil and water are separated, then you don't call that division, do you???
You call that clarity you call that disillusionment. You call that the moment of truth. Awareness. End of confusion. You call that focus. Direction and purpose. You call it the end of pretence and meandering. End of fence sitting. End of leftist hegemony over viewpoints and opinions.
And that's what Modi has done. He has mobilized even the most existentialist apolitical commoner and made him part of the national discourse, part of history writing. Even the most bovine and asinine materialist who had been content all his life with eating sleeping drinking shopping and saving money, has now awakened and become passionate about the nation and its leaders, for the first time in his life.
The right wingers who had been sidelined and even oppressed by Nehru and his likes are now confident about their views and unapologetically voicing the same.
So like I have said before, most of the good and bad aren't unconditional. Division an polarization too, can be a good thing when they divide what must never be mixed up in the first place.

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Snakeling of Andhra

This character Jaganmohan Reddy with a benign name and a smarmy saintly smile gives me the scare.
'God has done justice, I read the Bible everyday', he says to Rajdeep Sardesai, as he proceeds to explain how Chandrababu Naidu, who poached 23 MLAs and 3 MPs from his party is now left with exactly the same number of MLAs and MPs after the recent elections.
Does he realize that the same God crashed his father's chopper and dispatched him to his specially reserved place in hell for all those Christians he sent into Tirupati temple and all those churches he built on the Seven Hills that make Tirupati sacred? Historically, those who meddle with Tirupati Balaji's affairs or take even one rupee from his coffers meet with doom.

He goes on to admit that he prayed very hard to his God that BJP or any other party may not get more than 250 seats in the Lok Sabha elections so that they may need his support to form a government at the center and then he may make them dance to his tunes and get his Andhra state that special status they have been clamouring for.
He admitted that on national television! What a wretched diabolical fellow! I mean, he prayed hard for a hung Parliament!
His God obviously did not listen to him.

Looks like he will continue the good work of his father who converted people in the state to Christianity on war footing and doubled their numbers in ten years when Sonia barmaid was lording them all.
My colleague K who was from Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, told me in 2009 that her maid was from a slum nearby. Missionaries converted people routinely in that place. As part of the conversion ceremony, the slumdwellers were made to walk on photos of Hindu Gods so they would never be able to go back to those Gods after using up the rice or money that the church had given them, as incentives to convert.

When YSR's chopper crashed, K's sister S who also was my colleague in the same firm had jumped up with excitement saying 'Yeaaaay, hamara CM mar gaya'!

After the father died, Jagan was rumoured to have reembraced Hinduism, performed rituals and all, but only yesterday he told Rajdeep Sardesai in his interview that he reads the Bible everyday. So just like Rahul Gandhi had become Janeu Dhaari for some time, he too had put up a show, a publicity stunt. Now that elections are over, he no longer needs the pretence and boldly declares his loyalty to the church!

We need a regulation to criminalize faking Hinduism - we are a tolerant religion, the only one in fact, but that doesn’t mean you can abuse Hinduism, exploit it, and make slight of it.

This Jagan snake-ling is one fellow you want to watch out for.
If he spreads his missionary poison, I hope the God of Tirupati will send him to the mouth of tigers that roam the forests into which his father dropped from the skies!

If BJP decides to grant him special status, they must do it on the condition that he will arrange for the Ghar Wapsi of all those thousands of people who his father hijacked from Hinduism and threw at Sonia Gandhi's Vatican feet. Otherwise he can go fuck himself. We don't need his support.

Saap ke pet se sapola hi bahar nikalta hai.

If BJP looks the other way as he goes on converting more people, just because he is their ally, BJP will let down those of us who voted it to power solely to protect Hindu Dharma from the erosive Abrahamic cults. They must watch his interview in which he says he would support anyone who gave him ‘benefits’.
They must realize he is ideologically promiscuous, the kind who could be your ‘friends with benefits’, but never a devoted lover.