Friday, May 31, 2019

Modi 2.0. Let's Not Forget to Thank These People...

Meanwhile, my sincere and heartfelt thanks to all these joker villains for their cheap stunts. Each of your stunt dented your own credibility; the support you got exposed all the maggots and termites of our rotten system, as they came crawling out of the woodworks. In your desperation to bring down Modi, you strengthened him and drove the people of India to him…

1.Kanhaiya Kumar for Bharat Tere Tukde Honge; you proved what we have been saying for years, that our universities are besieged by leftists

2.Shehla Rashid for Azadi Tak Jung Rahegi; we saw what Kashmiri Muslims will do after Indian army has rescued them from flash floods

3.Hardik Patel for swine-mouthing Modi and demanding caste reservations – you were the worm that heckled an elephant and we learnt not to underestimate the worm

4.Jignesh Mevani for asking Modi to retire to the Himalayas – people were convinced that geriatric politicians were better than B Grade low class scoundrel youth leaders

5.Gauri Lankesh for asking people to send their used sanitary napkins to Modi - people could tell a rogue journalist when they saw one, and a very useful word ‘Presstitute’ was coined!

6.Girish Karnad for eating beef at town hall in Bangalore – self-proclaimed intellectuals are mostly perverts and loose cannons, you showed us

7.The Award Wapsi gang for being selective in your outrage – you committed hara-kiri and spared us the trouble of having to bury you. What more, an anti-award-wapsi gang was born, bringing together in unity, one sleeping Hindu after another!

8.Mani Shankar Iyer for going to Pakistan and asking them to remove Modi from power

9.Arvind Kejriwal for... oh, everything he did. Is this fellow Pappu’s brother from another father?

10.Sonia Gandhi for implicating Colonel Purohit in Malegaon blasts

11.Siddhu for hugging Pak Army Chief Bajwa

12.Rahul Gandhi for Rafale rumours and Chowkidar chor hai

13.Mamta Banerjee for simply being the mangy bitch and the ugly shrew that she is

14.B Grade Bollywood item girls for saying they were ashamed of being Hindu after the Kathua rape

15.Presstitutes for denying love jihad

16.Salman Khurshid for eating Biryani with Pakistanis

17.Swara Bhaskar for saying she felt like a vagina after watching Padmavati

18.Sonia Gandhi for harassing Sadhvi Prajna

19.Lutyen’s media for not reporting a word about the daily murder and rape of Hindus by Muslims – our threat perception became a confirmed reality

20.NGO’s for working against India’s development in cahoots with the Church and the West

21.Lowlifes of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh who gave power to Congress and scared the hell out of complacent Hindus and propelled them to get off their ass and go vote in 2019

22.Nitish Kumar for walking out of BJP haughtily and then doing a Ghar Wapsi – you made an example of yourself; those who oppose the BJP, politicians or commoners, have only Lallu Yadav’s stinking arms to run into

23.Joseph Vijay, Kamala Haasan, Prakash Rai - the jetsam and flotsam of the cinema world – you wasted national time and drew some like feathers from the dirty-smelly chicken pen, but most of us steered clear of your nuisance

24.Rahul Gandhi, for the twine thread he called Janeu. It was entertaining but we were warned of the wolf that was trying to be sheep

25.Robert Vadra for the impunity with which you turned your rags into riches. Even a rabid leftist or liberal cannot take your side now

26.Burqa Dutt, Sagarika Ghost, Shekhar Gupta and other faces of the enemy inside that made our blood boil

27.Renuka Chaudhary for laughing like Shoorpanakha in the parliament

28.Amee Yajnik and Priyanka Chaturvedi for being the belligerent and shameless spokespersons of the Congress party on TV debates; you have no idea how many people you repelled…

29.Presstitutes for blowing out of proportion one stray Akhlaq and slighting the matter of cow slaughter

30.Pakistan for their heinous crimes that gave us opportunities for surgical strike and Balakot

31.Muslim appeasing parties who brought Rohingyas in hordes and showed us glimpses of Break India agenda

32.Owaisi brothers who reminded us of Aurangzeb

33.Kapil Sibal for asking Supreme Court to postpone Ram Mandir hearing, revealing the Congress party's true inclinations

34.Mahathugbandhan – all sound and fury, no significance, but that was a useful alert

35.Jayalalitha, simply for dying, and hence paving the way for DMK that would misrule TN and drive it's people to the feet of BJP

36.John Dayal, for being on the TV panels and reminding us of the clout of the poisonous missionaries

37.Sonia Gandhi for proclaiming in some media conclave ‘We will not let Modi return’; you sent a shiver down my spine and I’m sure many of us ran from pillar to post and got their Voter ID done.

38.Rajni Kamal Stalin and all Madrasis, for supporting the shutdown of Sterlite factory in TN, after the Kudankulam nuclear reactor. How toxic, local politics controlled by the Christian church could get, you showed us!

39.Mehbooba Mufti for taking the side of Burhan Wani

40.Supreme Court for the ban on Diwali fireworks; those of us who had given up crackers out of boredom, exploded a few this year! What more, we got chance to clamour for bloodless Eid

41.Supreme Court for forcing women into Shabarimala, while allowing mosques to keep women out; Hindu renaissance began in Kerala

42.Supreme Court, for all your anti-Hindu judgments that convinced us that even you cannot be trusted, BJP is our only resort

43.The Gandhi family for dynasty politics – as long as Pappu remains president of Congress, the party will lose election after election and we will realize a Congress Mukt Bharat sooner than you imagined possible

44.Mayawati for blaming the EVM – Dalit or no, you are truly backward

45.Stone pelters of Kashmir. AFSPA will stay there forever

46.Leftists and liberals for coming out of their closet and showing us who our children would become if they were fed secularism for breakfast

47.Muslims, Christians and Communists, for being united in your hatred for BJP – we learnt a thing or two about unity

48.The Congress party for Hafiz Saeed Ji and Masood Azhar Ji – the political discourse was no longer about development or religion, it was now about national security!

49.Leftists, liberals and the entire opposition for opposing the National Anthem and Vande Mataram. You rekindled the spirit of nationalism in us

50.The Khans of Bollywood who raved that India was intolerant and showed us that our tolerance was being wasted on the undeserving

51.The Kapoor-Khan Jodi for naming their child Taimur and proving Vivekananda’s words –‘Every Hindu converted is not just a Hindu less but an enemy more’!

52.All those pseudo secular connections who left my life and my wall – throwing out all that clutter and political correctness made room for bold nationalists and patriots in life!

Wah, kya kulhadi maara apne paon par! Vinash Kale Vipreet Buddhi indeed!
Thank you so much!