Thursday, October 23, 2008


I composed this in just 20 minutes... So inspiring was my Himalaya experience.

A long adventurous journey
Not really premeditated
But definitely preordained

An encounter with infinity
Attainment of fulfillment
Seeing the incredible

Tore away those layers of protection
Shielding me from Nature
And became one with the elements

A lot of exertion
Blazing sun and brutal cold
But a small price for a reward so priceless

Drank to my heart’s content
From the elixir of life
Brought home a little in a small can

Filled my pockets with pine cones
Some aromatic basil and peels of silver birch
That still rest between the leaves of my notebook

Wish I could also bring back
Some fragrance of wild roses, roar of the waterfall
And a room of silence from the mountains

Pristine air filled my lungs
But the picture before me
Took my breath away!

Captured some beauty
With an equipment quite powerless
Opened my eyes wide, captured more and then shut them tight

I wake up in the morning these days
Relishing a dream I saw last night
Of an odyssey that will for sure, happen again. And again.


Anonymous said...

firsttttt, just showing some luv

Sowmya said...

Welcome to this space :) and thanks for your love....

Satish said...

An enchanting journey it was
Spell bound and mesmerized,
Was it a dream????
Back to reality, eyes wide open
Dream refuses to go away

I have been to Himalayas only once and the mighty mountains make you feel really insignificant

A really good poem...and hope that the odyessy repeats again and again

Sowmya said...

Thank you Satish for the good words about the poem... :)

jose said...

The simplicity and sincerety that you have brought to this poem is simply beautiful...
"Drank to my heart’s content
From the elixir of life"
Is this literal or symbolic??? ;)

Sowmya said...

Welcome back Jose.

Thanks for the nice words.

that was symbolic... I was refering to the sweet water that I drank from streams all along the trail in the wilderness... and coming to think about it, it could have been literal too...

Ketan said...

opened my eyes wide, captured more and then shut them tight--my favorite lines. :)

You'll find my poetry certainly different from yours.

Also liked your lines about wishing to bring back the fragrance of roses, roar of the waterfall...