Friday, May 27, 2011

Trembling At The Brim

So much to ask
So much to say
And yet, nothing will be asked
Nothing will ever be said.

Two destinies
One, more cruel than the other
Will be borne in silence
By two beings made of the same soul
That have just found each other,
A few years too late.

As they stand on either side of a chasm
A foot wide,
But an abyss deep,
Tears and words,
Breaths and bloods
Rise to fill the brim of their beings,
Eager to spill, to flow and mix,
And become one soul again;
But hold back and tremble
Forever at the brim
For the waters of forbiddance
Are rising in the chasm below,
Intimidating their advancing steps.

Above the waters, a sky of silence prevails
Between two storm-filled hearts.

A sprout is stifled and smothered,
Just as it has taken it's first breath of life.

Elsewhere the world extols and applauds
The promise and fruitfulness of true love.


ranj said...

verrrry niiiiiceeee.........

Ravi 拉维 said...

Wow... is this called playing with words.... or placing words with thoughts..

Nandu said...

Good one!

Sowmya said...

Thanks you Ranjana. I have revise the poem if you noticed.

Thanks Ravi and Nandu. Welcome to this blog and keep coming.

Rishi said...

Very nice.

On a top level will like to say, yet another great attempt to describe the feeling. Still remains unexplained due to so many other complexities.


Rishi said...

Hi Sowmya,
I wrote based on what I understood.

Since you have the gift of words you can attempt to explain this in lines of the Hisenberg's uncertainity principles ( I believe you have done Physics major), the two parameters being the feeling and the action towards it.


Sowmya said...

Hey Rishi,

Long time...
Thats wonderful. Heisenberg Uncertainty... Where there is thirst, there is no water, where there is water, there is no thirst...

Yes, I have been a student of Physics.

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vishal said...

God bless you