Friday, May 06, 2011

Yercaud - Day 2,3 - Lady's Seat, Church, Lakeside, GRT & Return

We were taken to what is known as Lady's seat. Apparently, some lady (probably a white woman) sat here and wrote (donno what) for a long time...

This is where she wrote.

While the others rested in the car, tired as they were, I stepped out for a quick visit to this church, a glimpse of which I had had as we had driven past this to the Lady's seat.

It was closed. But a peek through one of the windows revealed the below...

A small garden by the lake.

2 years ago, I had visited GRT Chennai on business. They had mentioned GRT Yercaud while briefing us about their various branches. I thought of the exotic stuff we had eaten during our stay in their hotel. So it was decided that we would have dinner that night at GRT. We left early - in the evening itself.

When we reached, we learnt that the place offered much more.
My father, standing at a vantage point facing the setting sun in the west.

When I reached the spot, I saw that the point offered a sort of panoramic view - the valley below and unobstructed sunset.

They have attempted the sky walk! My brother's standing on one!
The first time I heard of it was in 2007 - when I was in the US planning to visit the Grand Canyon.

Its kind of eerie...

A longer stretch of the skywalk leads to the roof of the hotel adjoining a banquet hall and the restaurant.

This is where we would spend time until dinner was ready to be served at 7.

Part of the hotel as seen from the roof

Sunset reflected on the glass finished banquet hall.

The valley below.

Is there any camera that can do justice to the setting sun?

The restaurant. I liked the food. Especially the starters. Try the pineapple starter. its seasoned and finished with bay leaves.

The crescent. With such difficulty, I got it right. Almost!

Salem city lights from GRT.

The return next morning. Part blue. Part golden - washed with the rising Sun.


Anonymous said...

These Photos are beautiful, really lovely place.

Rajan said...

Hey Somya,

How do you get so good at writing and photography ? Can u share your secrets ?

Wow! really stunning pictures. fell in love with them.

great going.