Thursday, July 10, 2008


Snow, snow and more snow
Each, a different snow
As if it has an identity

Sprinkled on this mountain top
Smeared on that peak

Powdered snow
Paste like at times
Narrow streaks of white here
But liberal patches there

Layers of cream on brown earth
Like vanilla and chocolate

Coarse like powdered sugar
Fine like talcum

Glistening sparkling
Playing hide and seek
As the sun and the clouds
Battle to lay claim

Milk white all day
Grey during dusk
Turns peach when bathed in golden rays
Of the morning sun

Ever elusive
But when finally in reach
Chunks of ice
Heavy as a stone

Soft as feather from far
Stiff as rock when near

So cold
It feels like a thousand needles

Inviting yet invincible
Hiding hollows beneath a beautiful surface

Slipping from beneath your feet
Even as you climb most cautiously
As if to say, “To crown a mountain is my prerogative
Nobody else shall get to the peak”

Dangerous innocence
Just like the Ocean
But who has been able to resist the lure of the Ocean?
And who has been able to escape the charm of Snow?


jose said...

Have you tried lyrics??? Or rather writing to a rhythm???

With all due respect to the fact that every poet has his/her unique style, I think that would improve the flow...

Try it out next time, if you think the opinion is worth considering...

Sowmya said...

Yes. I did try....

But when you do that, you become constrained... sometimes, you may find a right word that rhymes, but it may not be the right word as far expression is concerned... I mean that word may not do justice to your sentiment...

How did you like this poem??? :)

Aar said...

I like the couplets, they're compact and incredibly descriptive.
I'm not sure if you intended the variations in grouping, or if it was a spontaneous flow of thought - but I thought it gave the poem some ease of narration.

Sowmya said...

Welcome to this space aar...

Thank you for your nice words...

The poem itself was a work of creation and not construction... which is why you will not find any "rhyming", but the grouping of lines into paras happened after some thinking...

Do come back...