Sunday, July 27, 2008


21 Sat, 7:30 PM
English, 70 mins
Troupe: Evam Youth Forum Mumbai
Venue : Rangashankara

This play was based on the fairytale Rapunzel.
The story is well known- a baby girl is imprisoned in a tower by a wicked witch. She grows up to be a beautiful young woman with long, flowing hair. Things look pretty hopeless for her until one day a handsome young prince walks into her life. The prince climbs up the tower with the support of Rapunzel’s long hair which she let down from the top to the bottom of the tower…

A good job of acting.
Dialogues well delivered. The girl who played the witch did a great job I thought.
I was scared of her.

Using a rope to depict long hair was very effective usage of property I thought.

I am still trying to make sense of the ending though; an ending that is not quite happily ever after.
Expected the prince to free the girl from the clutches of the witch… but…
Wont spoil the ending for you… or have I spoilt it already???

And the small movie showed in the end did not help or fit in…

I probably lost some message. So did Anupama.
If you have more than the combined intelligences of me and Anu, which is very unlikely, :-) then go watch this play…

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