Monday, April 19, 2010


When all the world
Lay wrapped in
A blanket of darkness,
It was just a streak of lightening
In just a split second
That brought to light
With the confidence
Of a thousand suns,
Every line and every curve,
Every truth and every lie.

Doubt had no chance.

That smile of yours...
T ‘was better than lightening.
You covered it immediately
But it was too late.
I caught that expression
Of mockery & betrayal.

Yes, better than lightening
For it was a thunderbolt.
To ashes it reduced
The rosy picture of friendship and bonding

In that split second,
So brightly and so clearly shone
The sharp and bitter edge
Of your castle of friendship,
That all else became covered
In a blanket of darkness.

Doubt had no chance again.


shaan said...

Nice n deep. But perfect 8 isnt so perfect. Just felt sad.


Srinivas_kini said...

Awesome one. Was tricky at first, got it clearly at third attempt. :)