Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Inspired By Indignation

Of the mind.
Admirable. But for the impairment
Of blindness.
Pitiable all the more because
It’s too sure of itself
Where there ought to be some doubt.
Trying to drag
A wagon.
The incident of a wrong direction.
An uncomfortable scared passenger
Too polite, too shy to get down.
An inevitable crash.

A Friendship.
The abundance of superstructure
Doth not betray its scarcity of spirit.
Caressed the chords
Hoping to give them strength
Of love and sharing.
With belligerence they sang
The song of judgment and evangelism.
A few chords actually snapped.
I recoiled.
I am afraid to touch them again.
So much for human effort.
May time take care.

The gain of a few verses
From all that was lost.

Summation -
Indignation inspires too!


Bheema said...

don know how to comment, it's really worh reading .. u r the best poet.

raeez said...

its good ..But u know, i 'm pretty new to this poetry thing ...I wanted to know just the summary ..can u let me know the summary or gist of this poem....only if u wish !!

Sowmya said...

Thanks Bheema, for your nice words.

Welcome to this space. I am glad at least one of my poems is not easy to understand. At last I feel like a poet:)

Most of my other poems are so easy to understand and dont lend themselves to interpretation. Whats the fun?

I was hoping one day I would write a poem that no one would easily understand... :) Now I feel intelligent.

Rishi said...

Hi Sowmya,
As you sum it up Indignation inspires too. I don't understand what is the inspiration here in the two instances you
have presented. Ofcourse on the larger picture I don't much understand the deep thought/philosophy you have communicated
So let me try to understand.

1st one : Anger towards a mind who think they can do no wrong, as a result the people who are polite and unable to
put even a single word of doubt suffer.
Overgrowth.....some doubt: Over confidence at the cost of blindness to simple facts and doubts.
Trying to drag ... Inevitable crash: Passenger represents a person falling prey to the above.

2nd one : Friendship is based on great fundamentals and offers you lot, but sometimes they are for concepts per say
and lack in real spirit as a result if you believe too much on them you can spoil it for good and then
you have no clue how to get back and are left with anger of not being understood.

I am happy this didn't come in High school exam for English Comprehension.
Some poetry touches you with its simplicity of language yet deep thought or facts of common human
emotions. Some poetry will be difficult in language. This poetry present not a very common human emotion or fact so it is difficult.
So more than language (which is also tough here), it is the difficulty to understand what the poet is trying to say.
This is true even if I understood everything wrong.

Its been a long time since I came here and then I met this cryptic challenge :-) . I must say deep.


Sowmya said...

You are almost right about the first one.

I am talking about two different experiences with two different people somewhat connected - in the two paras.

Consider them separately.

Anyway, thanks for the trouble you have taken to interpret it... It would be interesting to see many more interpretations... :) refer my previous comment :)

nandisai said...

Master the mind and be a mastermind.Man's mind basks on the glorification of man's evolution theory that we evolved from monkey, (:P)our mind is like a monkeymind.Analogy : A seed when nourished properly sows into a plant and then into a tree.Favourable climatic conditions and seasons in certain cases will give you fruits. These fruits, according to me is happiness.They are more loyal than mankind. Similarly mind is a substance of matter with powers to infinity.It depends on how you wish to nourish, but you cannot have a foolproof base for it. Like how seasons have pro's and con's for certain plant's and tree's its same with the mind, but the question is adaptability? It's not so easy, as the question of Hypocrisy will arise which will inturn lead to so called failures but I would call that learning. "NOBODY IS PERFECT, I'M NOBODY".

Will give a view on your next para by tommorrow.

Oh forgot, your poem stimulated me into a deep though process. So Kudos, so I owe the poet an appreciation. :-)