Monday, May 05, 2008

You opened the floodgates

A poem inspired by the sacred lotus. A poem for the sacred lotus. But destiny had other plans. The lotus eluded me. This was long ago.....

Nevertheless, creativity is never futile although its source of inspiration may have ceased to exist.

You have entered my life
And opened the floodgates

All the love I have been containing
All these years comes gushing out
Like an ocean contained by a dam now broken

I am being carried away
I’m swept off the ground
Beneath my feet
Gravity has failed me
Open your arms wide,
Collect me, imprison me
Embrace me with all your might
And save me from erosion

For I fear
I will be washed away
By the flood of my own love
I will be swept away
By the flood of my own happiness
To a land of insanity
Or a land of pure ecstasy!!!

1 comment:

MotoRama said...

Love the intro about creativity not being futile! They are markers on our journey, the people who inspire the words and what is inspired!