Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A struggle to conquer destiny

I was 17 when i composed this.........
Today when I read this, I can't believe I was so cynical once upon a time.....................

Read on.......................

Happiness is only an illusion, a mirage
Which one can in dreams alone envisage

Life is so unsteady and uncertain
Man proposes God disposes often
Death is the ultimate truth of life,
Sorrow the ultimate truth of joy,
Separation the truth of every encounter,
Disappointment the truth of every hope

And still are liable to carry on
Not daring to look back at times bygone

You are committed to carry your burden alone
For all the others have wagon loads of their own

For cries unheeded, quests unanswered
Trust the creator, the unseen, the unknown

Imposed human limitations and fetters
Are in number very few
Determination and courage besides
Will give you perspective new

But you’ll never break free from these
Limitations natures imposes on you
Past cant be obliterated, time cant run backwards
And what the future holds is concealed behind curtains
You’ll never overlook these bonds that disable you
Nature’s law of bridling you

Even the most victorious shall taste defeat
The most advancing shall once retreat

Remember it will not pay to protest
Nor will it be of any use to resist
For the episodes of life are all predestined
Sorrow is inevitable for it’s preordained

We are puppets pulled by unseen strings
We are caged birds with clipped wings

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Hussain Jamali said...

For a 17 year old you were very perceptive of the realities of life