Friday, April 11, 2008

The Only Song Of It's Kind...

I have grown up listening to Hindi film music, mostly old. I feel very privileged to know most of the songs that have been made in the history of Hindi cinema. Having stayed in the north for some time, I know Hindi very well and feel proud about it. I can understand the lyrics. When there are some Urdu words that I don’t know, I note them down and find out their meanings from my Muslim friends.

I love these songs not just for their music but for lyrics as well. Sometimes, just a single line contains a philosophy of life. There is a song for every situation that one can think of. Trust me…

A man wooing his love, a lover burning in separation of her beloved, a brother’s care for his sister, a lullaby for a child, a mourning over death, a girl pleading a boy to leave her alone, a goodbye song at a dear one’s departure to a distant land…

A father crying at the time of his daughter’s departure after marriage, childhood friends singing a song of friendship, a song of gratitude, a nature lover singing in praise of sunrise or sunset or the beauty of a forest, a song full of sensuousness, a patriotic song, a song about destiny, fate or fortune having the last laugh, friends teasing each other, someone making a promise, pleading for mercy, begging for forgiveness, an elder giving a piece of advice…

There is a song for the festival of Holi, a song for Diwali, a prayer for Krishna, a song for Ganges, a song for Yamuna, a song to threaten, a song to express anger, accusation, worry, revenge..
A song for a pet animal, a dog or an elephant …

There is no situation for which a song has not been written in Hindi.

That’s what I thought until I heard this Kannada song from the film Mungaru Male.

The situation is one of unrequited love. There are several songs in many languages to express the disappointment of the one whose love has not been accepted.

But this song is different. It is the expression of this woman who is consoling a man whose love she cannot accept. The act itself is one of utmost sensitivity; sensitivity on the part of the woman who is trying to soften the pain she is causing to the man whom she is disappointing. I have not heard a song like this before. It’s probably the first one of its kind. Coming to think of it, sensitivity is rare to find and so are sensitive people…

This is especially true of unrequited love. Most people, when not reciprocating someone’s love for them, simply say a “No”, or shrug, or say sorry and walk away. Their duty ends there. This indifference sometimes gets to a point of cruelty. Not wanting to keep in touch, not wanting to respond to even friendly overtures…

How many are sensitive enough to empathize with the other person’s feelings? How many would go that extra mile to soften the pain they are causing (knowing fully well they are not guilty of it)? How many would try to help the person who is having a bleeding heart by simply being there for him/her? How many would say a few comforting words like “I am honoured to be loved so much by you”, “You will get over it soon”, “Does it hurt a lot?”, “Will you feel better if I promise that we will be friends for ever?” Not many. That’s probably why such a song too is rare to find.

Anyway, here is the song for you and its translation…I have tried my best not to turn an enchantress into a plain Jane. :-) Hope you like it. I am very happy such a rare song was composed in Namma Kannada Kasturi

Araluthiru Jeevada Geleya Snehada Sinchanadalli
Badadiru Snehada Hoove Premada Bandhanadalli
Manasalle Irali Bhavane
Midiyuthirali Mouna Veene Heege Summane

My dear friend, blossom in the garden of friendship
Do not wilt in a bond of unrequited love
Let your feelings remain unvoiced
Like the notes played on the strings of a silent Veena…

Hakkiyu Haadide Tanna Hesaranu Helade
Sampige Beeride Kampanu Yaarigu Kelade
Beesuva Gaaliya Hakkiya Haadina Nantige Hesarina Hangilla
Namageke Adara Yochane
Beda Gelaye Nantige Hesaru Yaake Summane

Birds in the sky sing in anonymity expecting nothing in return
Flowers of the forest offer their fragrances without proclamation
The wind that carries the songs and the fragrances does not ask of the birds and flowers a name for its association with them
Why then do you ask of me, a name for this relationship of ours?

Maatige Meerida Bhavada Selethave Sundara
Nalumeyu Tumbida Manasige Baradu Besara
Bala Daraiyali Bereyadaru Chandira Baruvanu Namma Jothe
Kanuvenu Avanali Ninnanu
Irali Geleya Ee Anubandha Heege Summane

Not all feelings should be clothed in words, some are best left unsaid
Let affection fill your heart, for it will cause no hurt
We may part ways as we tread the path of life
But the moon in the sky will come with each of us
We will see each other in a moon that is common to us
So let this relationship be what it is. Undeclared, unspoken…


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