Monday, April 28, 2008

Nishkriti - Sharat Chandra Chatterjee

Nishkriti means deliverance.
Deliverance for a woman in a joint family from a relationship that had begun to hurt. It has been translated by Malobika Chaudhuri. Since I could not find the cover picture for this book, I have posted a picture of the author himself :)

It is a story of a Bengali household with three daughters in law; the second daughter in law succeeds in creating a rift between the first and the third daughter in law who are very close; finally the second DIL’s family moves out of the house to settle in the village.

52 pages. A simple story. About a family feud. It is about those days when joint families were predominant. The sacrifices and compromises made by members, of their accommodative nature, of their endurance, of the strong bonding in spite of petty disputes… totally unheard of in today’s time where personal space is something we cant imagine having to live without. The air is resounding/reverberating with “It’s my life, mind your business, personal space, who are you to tell me?” etc. Such stories remind us of the fact that “once upon a time, there used to be such times…:-)”

It is a Sharat Chandra tragedy. But in the end, the author has shown a ray of hope; thankfully. Wont spoil the story for you by revealing the climax.


Anupama Kondayya said...

For all that we have left behind and become today, we have a lot to learn from how our previous generations...understand what they went through and why they did all that they did...and our window to that past, those lessons remains the works of such great authors.

Thanks for the post and the recommendation...will pick the book up sometime soon.

Sowmya said...


I have the Saratchandra omnibus... I would recommend that.. :)