Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nandi Hills - March 2008

16th March 2008

As I have said earlier “That’s life. A journey of perpetual neglect towards what you have and unending pursuit of what you don’t have……”

From the peaks of Himalayas to the shrines in Kanyakumari to the wilderness around Seattle… I have soaked up more than my share in a span of 28 years…
Interestingly (or rather sadly) it’s been 5 years since I came to Bangalore and I had not seen Nandi Hills until recently. It was high time I visited the place, for my own sake.

I and Smruti set out early in the morning. (My early morning being 8 o’ clock:-)).
The weather was lovely. Ah! The Bangalore weather! The 60 kilometer drive made me see the one thing that I needed to see so much. Bangalore is still green. What an assurance it was. I had been loosing sleep over Bangalore’s depleting greenery. This March has given enough respite to my worrying mind.

The uphill climb was rather short. Even on a Sunday morning there was hardly a crowd (Thank God!). The Chamundi hills in contrast are so crowded. I can’t help the comparison as I visit the Chamundi so very often. Nandi hills are higher than Chamundi.
Also, Nandi is a lot cleaner and better maintained.

After reaching the top, we strolled through the well maintained garden indolently. We got some rare views of all the hills around. There were so many monkeys and they were all so fearless….

The rocky hill at the far end with its temples is beautiful in its own right… the edge of the precipice invites you… you approach the edge and try to look below, it is the winds that you should beware of …. One strong wind can bend your body in the wrong direction and then there is no salvage…..

The pictures are here for you…

Nandi Hills


deepocean said...

A die hard bangalorean that I am, I like everything about Bangalore. And same with nandi hills too. I hold beautiful memories associated with this place which makes it even more special to me. That place surely is splendid. All the time I've visited, its like i've fallen in love with that place all over again. May be we can drive down one of these days..what say? ? :)

Sowmya said...

We should go there and stay overnight.. we can watch both sunrise and sunset... :)

Anonymous said...

so if you are travel freak :) why dont you try Himadagopalaswamy- betta.. its 2-3 hrs drive from Mysore on Nanjungud route, i guess...try out this place & post your experience...

Rishi said...

The Garden and the pathway is it somewhere in Bangalore(Lalbagh). Is there space enough there to run. It looks very beautiful.

The Rocky surface is that Nandi Hills or Lalbagh

Sowmya said...

Hey Rishi,


This is not lalbagh. This is Nandi hills, some 50 kms from Bangalore... You should go to this place when it is rainy... you will be walking in the clouds...

Rishi said...

Hi Sowmya,

Well I have been to Nandi Hills quite sometime back and ofcourse it was not one of the ideal days as you have mentioned. But still it was very beautiful. I enjoy the drive way up more.

BTW way I came up to your site because I was looking for the meaning of the song "Araluthiru Jeevada Gelaya". Your site has it explained the way I was looking for. I am a Bengali and don't understand Kannada beyond a point.

- Rishi.

Sowmya said...

Hi Rishi,

Its nice to see a Bengali taking interest in Kannada! :)

I hope you agree with me that its a special song...

Rishi said...

Musical expression makes Language more beautiful and vice versa. This song, the composition, the lyrics both the flow and the meaning, the rendition makes everything about it very beautiful. So this is a special song.

Anyway I guess I am giving out of context comments to your article. Wanted to ask one thing but will ask in the other article on communication and English Language.