Tuesday, April 01, 2008

From The 13th Floor

22nd March 2008

It was a Sunday. I met with Ranjana in the evening. It was one of those evenings when we had no specific pre – plans, did miscellaneous things and enjoyed a lot.

First we went to Java city and watched this talented band perform Jazz music, while munching potato chips and mushroom quiche. My friends are trying to introduce me to western music and I am eager. I am out of synchronization with so many people simply because my music is so different from theirs. All my life I have listened to old Hindi film music, Ghazals and Carnatic classical. Western music should do me good.

After that, we walked to Brigade Road where I bought a really cute pink and white top and a pair of black slacks to go with my blue denim frock. It had been 3 months since I had bought clothes. (There has never been such a gap between any 2 consecutive purchases in the last 5 years!).

From there we proceeded to Barton Centre on MG Road. We went to the 13th floor of the building, which has this bar called 13th Floor which has an open terrace and gives you great views of Bangalore. (Did I tell you that I am a teetotaler?).

We entered the place and the Vidhana Soudha was right there in all its majesty…..

The sight of UB city really made the evening worthwhile…..If I did not have these pictures, I would not have posted this blog....

Satisfied, we walked some more, bought earrings for ourselves from the roadside vendors (they offer the best. You will know if you have shopped enough). I bought red pearls and yellow crystals and Ranj bought bronze metal for herself.

From there, we walked to this Andhra restaurant called Nagarjuna on Residency road. I ate more than my stomach could take. The next stop was corner house. Ranj had fresh strawberry with fresh cream while I watched her lick the last drop. :-(

We walked to the bus stop near by where we had a little fight about whether to wait for the bus or take an auto. I for one, hate autos but Ranj won the battle this time and we sped along an empty airport road towards our destination in an auto at 11 in the night!
Quite an evening!


Pramshanks said...

I wish I was there

Sowmya said...

We will surely go there sometime... :)

Pramshanks said...

yes... the business of living and making a living tears us away from those who we want to touch and belong to. that's the underside of our professions.

hope it will be soon... trampling on the autumn leaves as we leave our dusty footprints over them, letting the twilight paint our shadows long on the grass...

a walk, like someone said, is a shadow of a lifetime.

Sowmya said...

:) wow... what a profound thought... the last line went above my head... :)