Friday, April 18, 2008


What do we think when we see children (not babies, but children) in public places causing trouble to the general public? We see them everywhere. Buses, trains, family functions, shopping malls….
They may be talking, jumping, running around noisily, spilling food all over, grabbing other peoples’ property, dropping this, breaking that…
When we come across kids like that, we think that parents should teach their children some manners and not let their kids be a nuisance to others. Right?

Now how different is the rule for people who own dogs? It is not very different. It only gets more stringent.

I have nothing against dogs. But I like them at the zoo. I know they don’t keep dogs at the zoo. But that’s exactly my problem. Why don’t they keep them at the zoo? Why are they all over the place?

Anyway, coming back to what I was trying to say, ……….I am very very afraid of dogs. They scare the hell out of me. I grimace when they touch me, or worse lick my feet or hands.

The other day this dog woman (this woman who owns a dog), who stays in the same apartments as I do, was walking her dog as usual in the evening. What was unusual about it was that she had not chained it but set it free.

After a long and tiring day, I was on my way home after a short stop at Nilgiris to buy some midnight snacks.

I entered the premises of my apartments and this dog came running to me. I stopped walking and stood still hoping it would get scared. I hoped that Dogwoman would come running behind and stop it after I had made it obvious that I was not interested in her dog in the least.

But she walked leisurely as if in a trance. The dog tried to sniff my cover. I held it up high and grimaced hoping that at least now Dogwoman would do something. But she continued her pleasure walk.

The creature began licking the fingers of my right hand. Now I was disgusted. God knows what the hell it had had for lunch. Perhaps meat. And I, a vegetarian had to put up with this sickening incident because of this stupid woman.

Not able to bear it any longer I appealed to her in a loud voice. “Can you please hold it? I am scared of dogs.” Guess what she did! To my utter shock and disbelief she yelled at me “Are you a two year old?” Such audacity and insensitivity on her part!

Her snarl was worse than that of her dog. I hope she does not bite too.

I did not want to say anything and quickly ran inside hoping that her dog would not make a run for me.

How often do we come across such owners who do not chain their dogs and let them pounce upon everyone in the street, scaring the hell out of them?

The presence of 45000 stray dogs in the city is menacing enough.
Do we have to be threatened by the neighbour’s dog also?

We who do not own dogs are already exhibiting enough tolerance.
Firstly, they seem to bark to glory all the time without a necessity for them to do so.
Their bodies are a sanctuary of a zillion bacteria. And they are contagious!
The driveway is all dirty because of dog poop. These days, when it rains, there is a swimming pool of water in the driveway. I have to wade my way through the waters carefully avoiding dog poop which is floating all around. Yuck!

But when the owners set their dogs free and watch them running after people scaring them or snatching their bags and covers, that is the last straw. Do they even realize that their barking and chasing could prove fatal to heart patients?
Sheer callousness!

Dog owners, your dogs may be very dear to you. Keep them by all means. Pet them, kiss them, lick them by all means. But for Gods sake, keep them to yourselves.
Don’t assume that everyone in the neighbourhood is craving to be licked by your dogs.

Thank you for reading this crib blog.


Anonymous said...

same same... :) :)

Sowmya said...

:):) we should start a community... seriously..
Think about the parents of those kids who were torn apart by a group a dogs....