Thursday, May 24, 2012

Everest Calling - Dingboche to Nearby Hilltop to View Mt. Makalu

25th April 2011

Today we scrambled up a hill to get a view of Mt. Makalu, the 5th highest mountain in the world. This was just an excuse. The real purpose was acclimatization. When we reached the summit of the hill, Makalu was behind a veil of clouds and mist. It had started snowing. But a sense of accomplishment prevailed upon us all. There were snow mountains all around. The descent took much less time but it was most annoying - every step, I had to be sure I would not slip and fall. Mud loose stones, slipping beneath my feet. I wished I were a mountain goat.

I am confident I will reach Laboche, our next destination.

Yesterday’s garlic soup was yuck. Today’s rice stinks of garlic. Couldn’t have much.

Breakfast was oatmeal with pieces of apple!!!
People were eying apple as if it were exotic strawberry.
Each apple costs 100 or 150 Nepali rupees by the way.

I and Anubhama were the two women who reached the hilltop.

Nandu carried my carried for me yesterday. Thanks Nandu.
Now on, I don’t think I will carry my back pack. I will have to lock it and give it to the porter.
My colourful monkey cap, bought for 300 Nepali rupees has proved to be a good purchase. When you are out in the cold, you really want to cover your ears. It hurts badly when they are not protected and warm.

Below are pictures taken during our climb up a lesser hill to view Mt. Makalu.

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Pattu Raj said...

Mountains? All our lives, seen them from afar, in colorful calendars.

When I see plucky young ladies, climb such heights, I feel what I have missed. Not only me, generations , have missed.
Should they not make it mandatory, training climbing,and make us healthy?Make us realise the beauty of our country?

I am envious.

Lovely photographs, write up too.Thanks.