Thursday, May 17, 2012

Everest Calling - Pangboche to Dingboche

24th April 2012

The exertion is without reward. For me at least. I have seen the mountains and the snow. They no longer hold any attraction for me. The only thing that will redeem all that has been spent in these 18 days – will be a good view of the Everest.

After you have gained considerable altitude, what hurts is not the walk but the stop. Your body becomes warm when you walk. And that saves you.
When you stop, after you have reached your destination, it starts cooling and after that it’s terrible. It starts hurting.

We reached Dingboche, where we were to spend two days, one for acclimatization.
After resting for some time, we went to the bakery in the vicinity and had a variety of pastries. The most attractive was a chocolate cake topped with mountains of cream with chocolate sauce poured over it, making it look like a mountain range.

I had a walnut pastry. It would have tasted better if it had been warmed. She had in fact warmed it and it was still cold! But after all the food we have been eating, it tasted really good. When we walked back, it was snowing.

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Murali said...

Landscape sikkappate lonely ansodillvaa ? ondu thara boring agidhe allva ? coorgnalli sikkapatte greenery idhe try maadu -