Monday, September 13, 2010

Ketan Panchal's Review Of My Blog

Ketan Panchal, a fellow blogger became a follower of my blog a few days ago and was kind enough to include me in his blogroll. Thanks Ketan :-)
With his permission (of course), I share with you all what he has to say about me.
Your comments are welcome :-)

Narcissist by Sowmya. This is one of the most individualistic blogs that I have found on the blogosphere. And by which I mean, there is very little she writes dispassionately. Everything on her blog has a stamp of her person - her feelings, her opinions, her ideals. She has this amazing ability to transform into words and pictures, everything that goes into making a shower of sensations an experience - sights, sounds, taste, smell, people... The instant impression on reading some of her posts is one of living 'inside' of Sowmya, and which is not at all a bad thing, because it is a very interesting world in there! Her posts make you feel you're taking a walk on a winding path along with her thoughts!

She is a very well-read person, and many of her posts are detailed reviews of books and lyrics she had liked.

I recommend:
This Too Shall Pass
Zest. For Life. In Spite Of Life

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Ketan said...

It was nice to know that my gesture added to the cheer in your life. :) But a small correction... I've been following your blog for almost a year now!!! :O I'd commented on a few of your older posts. I'd discovered your blog while I was searching for the lyrics of 'Kya janoon sajaan' [you can still find my comment there :) ]


Ketan said...

Well, it turns out my first comment on your blog was on 30th July, 2009! Yes, on cosmic scale, that's indeed a "few days". So, you're still right! :P

Rishi said...

I remember that. That was about the same time I came in too. And we had a small discussion on the comment board on the song.

Very nice summary of the blog, its been a part of my regular sites to visit ever since.


Sowmya said...

Thank you both :)
Would like to be informed of your visits through your comments...

Dont visit me like ghosts and shadows without footprints guys :) ....

Rishi said...

As mentioned in a comment in the previous article it is better sometimes to remain as ghosts and shadows with only one window open on top from where only bright sunlight comes in.