Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unfolding. One Day At A Time.

I joined Twitter a few months ago. Initially I was not sure what to tweet about. I am sure everyone had a similar experience. And only after a few weeks of tweeting, a pattern comes out.

For a long time now, I have been using Twitter to journal. The restriction of 140 characters made it rather frustrating. Also your tweets are at the mercy of the owner of the site who may delete your diary entries anytime and without a warning.
So I decided to start a new blog just to journal. An online diary of sorts.

I actually started a new blog yesterday, chose a nice template and was all set. I was not sure if it should be a private or a public blog. After much thinking, I chose the name ‘Unfolding. One Day At A Time.’ I had decided to keep the posts small. 280 characters if not 140. But constitutionally incapable as I am of short posts, I ended up typing 1293 characters (with space) in my first post.

Today, I have decided to do away with the second blog (I have always wondered why people have multiple blogs) and make my online diary part of this blog itself.

Soon after the happening, incidents and occurances leave impressions that seem important or noteworthy. In the heat of the moment, it is difficult to tell the trivial from the momentous. You have the impulse to record them all. But if you read the old entries of your diary, most of them seem a waste of paper and only a few of them evoke the memory of someone or something that made a difference, changed you in a way - from the most imperceptible to the revolutionary – a conversation, a meeting, a movie, a dinner, a purchase, a restaurant, a song, a book, a journey, a solitude…

In this series, I will record such happenings of my everyday life – if there is a happening.
I shall use some filtering to write only what I would like to read again after an year.

For the rest of trivialities, there is always Twitter.

I loved the template of the blog I am now going to have to delete and I think it worth capturing a sample of that template here. So attached is the picture…


Ketan said...

I think you had perused my blog with ultra-short posts called Conflusions (click). I there write only those things that I would have concretized after many 'sessions' of thinking with argument and counter-arguments running in my mind. What distinguishes it from my main blog is that I only write down my conclusions as succinctly and unambiguously as possible without going into the particular experience or sequence of thoughts that would have led to those conclusions.

Then, there is another blog where I carry on those discussions that would have started on somebody else's blog, but would not like to continue because that would amount to pestering (imagine, typing down a comments full of rebuttals and arguments on someone else's blog, which could fill a few pages!) [yup, I argue a lot, at least online! ;) ].

So, that is the reason I maintain multiple blogs. While, I have not seen you to be much argumentative online, it seems there is a margin for you to maintain a blog like 'Conflusions'. It helps me be very specific about my ideas, removing all the clutter from issues.


Sowmya said...

I liked your Conflusions. You are on my blog roll! Congratulations :)

Ketan said...

Thanks Sowmya, that truly is an honor. :)

Ranjana said...

Maybe, it need not be a happening. This guy, he started this project (one among his brilliant projects): blogging with one picture a day and his sentiments of that day....concept and I found it so interesting...maybe you should just lift his idea ;)