Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nugget Of Philosophy

Here’s an interesting nugget having philosophical implications that I found in a place I least expected to find – a book on economics by Schumacher.

When lord created the world and people to live in it, He reasoned with Himself as follows: ‘If I make everything predictable, these human beings whom I have endowed with pretty good brains, will undoubtedly learn to predict everything, and they will thereupon have no motive to do anything at all, because they will recognize that the future is totally determined and cannot be influenced by any human action. On the other hand, if I make everything unpredictable, they will gradually discover that there is no rational basis for any decision whatsoever and, as in the first case, they will thereupon have no motive to do anything at all. Neither scheme would make sense. I must therefore create a mixture of the two. Let some things be predictable and let others be unpredictable. They will then, amongst many other things, have the very important task of finding out which is which’.

:-) To all those, who have been swimming in a mire of eternal dichotomy, sometimes towards the shore of free will and sometimes towards the shore of destiny, the above elucidation is ‘The Middle Way’ that may help to keep you afloat.

As in the case of all divergent problems of life, the solution lies in reconciling the two extremes.

Keep floating!

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