Saturday, May 24, 2014

Indian Tamils Supporting LTTE Led Lankan Tamils

We have not yet forgotten how Jayalalitha troubled Vajpayee; how she threatened to withdraw support at the drop of a hat; compelling him to fulfil this demand and that.

We just heaved a sigh of relief that this time, Modi had a majority and this woman would be able to do nothing and just then...

She begins. On the very first day she is all set to cause trouble.

Not attending Modi’s swearing in ceremony? Really?
I hope Modi will not budge; I hope he will ignore her and set the right precedent.

Indian Tamils Supporting LTTE Led Sri Lankan Tamils is as bad as Indian Muslims supporting Pakistan or Taliban.

I have always thought Tamilians to be so very much like Extremist Muslims.
Fanatic and having a limited Identity.

They don’t speak Hindi...
Don’t speak English...
Watch only Sun TV...
Listen to Tamil music only – never heard of Rafi, Kishore, Lata...

They do nothing to endear themselves to other people whether inside or outside their State...

People here have to learn Tamil in order to converse with their maid servants who will simply not learn Kannada.

Having been in IT for 9 years now, I have gotten used to their talking in Tamil in cubicles, cafeteria, even training rooms. The only thing they don't do in tamil is programming. As yet.

These are people who post independence demanded that tamil be made the national language and not Hindi! And when Hindi was declared the national language, they smeared black paint on the Hindi signboards in their state.

Karunanidhi who represents a large section of them attempted once to remove Sanskrit from the temples of the State and have all rituals performed in tamil only. ‘Let the Gods who do not understand tamil leave the State’, he had said, a few days before he was dragged away like a dog in the middle of the night to be thrown into a prison.

Imagine opposing Sanskrit!

And they are obsessed with Rajnikanth... Yuck!
Comparing him with Amitabh Bachhan, trying to prove Rajni is more popular... how ridiculous is that! Comparing a versatile actor to a stuntman!
I was once surrounded by a bunch of them Tamils – I said I had never watched a Rajni movie and they wanted to revoke my citizenship, even take away my passport because I wasn’t Indian enough if I didn’t watch Rajni movies.
For the next few days that I was with them, they were carrying him like Vikram carrying ‘Betal’ on his back and thrusted him upon us, innocent unsuspecting people almost everyday.

They set that dacoit and butcher Veerappan upon us.

Over the Cauvery water dispute, they set the LTTE upon us – the LTTE threatened to blow up the KRS dam in Mysore if we didn’t release water to TN and for a few days, no one was allowed near the dam which had been until then open to all visitors all through the year.

Today, they are being a nuisance to Kerala objecting and preventing the reconstruction of the 116 year old Mullaperiyar dam on the Periyar river knowing that it is on the verge of a collapse, posing immense danger to millions of people living in the region.

Such a self centered people.

At one point in time, when Tamil population in Bangalore became a sizeable number, they went to the President of India demanding that Bangalore be declared a union territory and not part of Karnataka!
It was Vatal Nagaraj and other Kannada activists who protested severely and saved Bangalore.

These same people wanted to divide Sri Lanka and have a separate territory for themselves. Not at all different from extremist Muslims who wanted a separate Pakistan and not different from the extremist Muslims who want a separate Kashmir for themselves. Isn’t it?

Why, the LTTE killed a Prime Minister of India.

And Jayalalitha, Vaiko and other Tamils want India to distance itself from Srilanka for the sake of the 'sentiments' of these insensitive Tamilians who have never cared to get along even with their own fellow Indians?


I hope and pray they will be ignored by Modi. And the rest of us Indians.

As they said on a news channel today,
'India's relation with Srilanka cannot be decided by Tamil Nadu, just as India's relation with Bangladesh cannot be decided by Mamta Banerjee, just as India's relation with Iran cannot be decided by Shia Muslims in UP; also India's relation with Israel cannot be decided by the Muslims of India...'

By the way, this is a Tam Brahm writing all this – but then, the Tam Brahms belong to a different league altogether (most of the generalizations about tamils don't apply to them), especially those of us who had the good fortune not to be born or brought up in that INSULAR state.


Anonymous said...

Pity your ignorance.

Sowmya Chakravarthy said...

Thanks for your pity. And you don't have to be anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I liked your note on the Tamils. I agree with you.
After the results, I said:
' Most of India voted for Chai-kadai (teashop)
Tamil Nadu alone voted for Saaraayak kadai ( liquor shop)!'

'Most of India voted for oozalai ozikka ( abolish corruption)
Tamil Nadu alone voted for oozalai ollikka ( hide corruption')_

Many here are even scared to laugh.

-Veera Viyaya Raghavan

Anonymous said...

Sowmya you gem - that is a blinder of a rebuttal! Damn proud, indeed it's time Tamil Nadu realise they're a part of India and not a country called Tamil Nadu"

-Sudarshan S. Avadhany

Anonymous said...

"Just today we were discussing this.. Totally agree"

-Swati Raman Garg

Anonymous said...

Sudarshan wrote: "Funnily enough, we don't hear of the Tamil Nadu government or people venting out against the government of Malaysia. Malaysia has lot of people of Indian origin that have now made Malaysia home and don't enjoy equal rights, are right down in terms of economic development; Malaysian Indians as they are called, note the attachment of the word Indian to the nationality, are struggling to square it off against Malay nationalist policies and Chinese economic domination! I forgot to mention - the overwhelming majority are Tamilians - why dont they try starting to support them here? It's because of the feeling Sri Lanka is small and can be controlled. Then big brother attitude hasn't worked for anyone globally, and it won't in the future. Let's respect Sri Lanka for who they are as a nation and focus on being Indian."

-Sudarshan Avadhany