Tuesday, May 20, 2014

And I Won!

I have never voted in my life. But this time, I wanted to. But I just missed getting my name onto the voters’ list. A friend told me that as per EC ruling I could go to the booth on the day of polling with all my documents plus a Form 6 and I would be allowed to vote.
So I did go. But wasn’t allowed to vote.
I was disappointed. But I had the consolation of doing plenty of campaigning for Modi on Facebook.

Though victory has been in the air for a few months now, there were moments when I feared. Fear of booth capturing, of the rigging of the voting machines, fear of Kejriwal dividing votes, fear of Muslim terrorists targeting HIM and fear of an eventual coalition and tied hands and more...

Just as the clock struck 12:00 and we had entered 16th, I wrote on my FB wall the below and went to bed.
‘After 1947, today is the most important day in the history of Indian politics. The outcome of today is going to cause as much joy or disappointment to the whole country as the outcome of that day could have caused...’

The next morning, I would apply for sick leave and go to my brother’s home to join my family in watching the results live on TV. I didn’t have a TV at home – I preferred to devote the little time I had to my books and my writing work.

It was 12 when I reached and the results were clear. BJP alone had 273+ at that time.
Arnab, Pradeep, Barkha, Pranoy – all of them were smiling and jumping and rushing through a gush of words in a high pitch which sounded the drumbeat in accompaniment to the rapture in my own heart.

I had won. The whole thing was so personal.

I had reached just in time to see Modi touching his mother’s feet and have her smear the Tilak on his forehead. Surrounding them were a simple middle class family in a simple setting.

The thing which made it real and genuine most of all was this - her caressing hands had ruffled his hair; it remained like that for sometime, a moment of untidiness before the camera, before he smoothed it with his hand. And sat down to talk to mother...


Power cut just when Sonia Gandhi was about to speak to the press.
The power cut must have been the intentional doing of the KEB which was still under a jealous Congress in the State. No jokes, they do that sometime.
When I finally saw that footage later, I was thinking, why is the idiot Rahul smiling? What is he so happy about?

However, for all that he is, we must thank Rahul Gandhi for that interview with Arnab Goswami – he removed the last shadow of doubt from the minds of those who might still have been thinking... that interview doubled the certainty of the outcome of this election. Thanks Moron.

I wrote on my FB wall before going to bed

‘Long time ago, when I was a child, I learnt that on 15 Aug 1947, India won Freedom. But Today I know what it must have meant for the people and how they must have felt.... ...Prayers answered, Relief, Redemption, Hope, Tears, Laughter...Rising of a new Dawn. We are all set for the next 10 years. Yes, I said 10 years. At least.’

The next morning.
What a Grand Convoy to Delhi!
What a welcome!
A machine to strew rose petals on his path all the way... Indeed?
Unprecedented celebrations...


The Accenture ad. Lotuses blooming here too.
This is unbelievable.
Is there anyone who is not celebrating?


Yes. The Mallus.
They are worrying over what seems to be their most important interest in life – Will Modi ban beer and beef? If he bans beer, what will they have beef with? And they assure each other, no matter what else is taken away from them, no one will be able to take away their beef...

Very happy to see the Indian map coloured saffron. Those blue grey blotches especially in TN, West Bengal and Kerala don’t look pretty at all...
I can’t forget that incident in Kerala when communists objected to the lighting of a lamp in an inaugural function stating it was a Hindu ritual, irrelevant in a secular State.
Kerala gave us Adi Shankaracharya – the one who saved Hinduism; we would have been a Buddhist country if not for him, Hinduism would have been wiped out...
Kerala gave us Swathi Thirunal – who gave Carnatic Classical Music 300 plus beautiful compositions in his short life of 31 years.
And today they object to the lighting of a lamp!

We have achieved our goal of ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’.
Our next goal should be 'Communism Mukt Bharat'.


The beauty of having religion and spirituality in politics. Beautiful rituals in Vishwanath temple.
Lights, colour, flowers, lamps, prayers and gratitude on the banks of Ganges...

Would Congress ever celebrate this way? They would have slaughtered cows and pigs for a party and emptied bottles of liquor...
Also, would they have the guts to enter a temple and risk Muslim displeasure? They would have gone to some Durgah though!

For the first time it feels an Indian has become the PM of India.

What a difference it makes to choose a political party rooted in tradition and religion...


Nice joke by Modi on the banks of Ganga: People form coalition to come into power – now they are forming coalition to form Opposition!
What a victory! What retribution!

Heads Rolling in all directions. Nitish Kumar biting the dust.
Modi could not have hoped for a better retaliation against all those Sickular Pseudosecular Wretches who labelled and demonised him.

Times Now at Times square...
Having been to New York Times Square so many times, I can feel what it must have been like.
A larger than life television showing the victory of BJP to the cheering and roaring of a thousand Indians!
That picture of Vijay Rally in the US – hundreds of Sikhs on Bikes – good they haven’t forgotten 1984 – wish you long memory

Some people are still living in denial.
All their shouting against Modi all these months on FB was wasted.
Now they are wasting away doing irrelevant math and coming up with numbers to prove that only 25.9% of the 810,000,000 people voted for Modi and therefore ‘India did not vote for him’.

Suddenly the media seems to find him adorable after decades of relentlessly slandering and demonising him – such little self respect these fellows have – so fickle, so opportunistic
Good to see them losing their battle and genuflecting before him.

The coining of ‘Namo’ itself was awesome. And now TsuNamo!

Tension begins too.

Abu Fazal, of the banned SIMI, while being produced in a Bhopal court on Saturday, said, "Ab Modi ki baari hai (Now, it's Modi's turn)"

Hilarious Jokes on FB

1) The picture of Kejriwal flying on his broomstick
Caption - Ab America ka election ladna hai – Wahan ka President Banoonga

2)Now it all make sense. Rahul was talking RTI all the way - Return To Italy


Yesterday evening, after 6 years of living without it, I bought a Television. My first one. Samsung. LED. 23 inches. This evening, the technician mounted it on the wall. Looks beautiful now, black and glistening. Tomorrow, it will come to life with light and colors.

I cannot miss Indian politics now on. Interesting times ahead.

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Ramesh said...

It was not communists but the Muslim league leaders who objected to light a lamp.