Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This was our last day in Melvit’s place, the day of departure.

We had decided the other day that we would revisit Murudeshwar, but changed mind and took it easy. A few minutes away from Melvit’s house, there was the beach. All of us decided to walk to the beach.

How true it is that one should enjoy the journey and not run towards the destination!

We had to walk through fields and villagers’ huts before reaching the beach. Melvit had told me about this and I was ready with my camera. How often I have wished during my bus journey to Mysore that the bus would stop when passing by a green field and I could walk through the field!
So often, life gives you what you want. Isn’t it?
How I wish it would happen all the time!

So here I was, walking through fields, some green, some yellow, some golden and some brown…fountains of wheat swaying this way and that… there were the mountains there, some wet earth here, water flowing in canals, coconut trees, cattle grazing, a small bridge over a pond, children jumping into these ponds…

And then a stretch of sand slipping beneath my feet… and then, ETERNITY!

The sight of Murudeshwar from where we stood was a pleasant surprise!
The entire hillock, the temple gopura, the shiva statue …all appeared in one piece.

I started walking in that direction, leaving behind my bubbling, bursting, brewing friends rolling all over the beach…

We walked back.

I wish I had more time… it was time to return.

As the bus passed several bridges built over backwaters, I clicked continuously, eager to capture the beautiful scenery that was in continuous motion, wishing again that the bus would stop. :-)

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