Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ram Rahim

Those on the prowl, eager to attack religious leaders, Hindu (of course), jump on the low hanging ‘sprawling acres of ashrams’ first and foremost. Was is legally acquired?

I have two things to say to this.

One, all of this earth belongs to spiritual masters and we, the material people have encroached upon their land. When I say this, I speak of genuinely enlightened spiritual ones and not impostors like Ram Rahim, Nithyananda and such.

Two, one has to make a distinction between law and justice.
Law is manmade whereas justice is justice. Divine.
I happened to read this book ‘Waiting for the Barbarians’ by JM Coetzee. One line from the book that struck me as both original thought as well as eternal truth, was ‘Every human being comes into this world with a memory of justice’. The point is, one need not define justice. One simply knows it.

If an ashram occupies a piece of land and uses that land to initiate people to yoga, meditation, vegetarianism and sattvic living, it doesn’t matter whether that land was acquired lawfully or not. The ashram is justice done to the land.
If it weren’t an ashram, perhaps it would have been a shopping mall.

On the other hand, a businessman may have acquired a piece of land and turned it into a shopping complex, consuming a large amount of power, promoting large scale consumption from customers, promoting misrepresentation of truth which is the operating principle of the sales and marketing machinery. Such a land, even though it may have been acquired lawfully is unjust.

So one has to make a distinction between law and justice. An angry commoner killing a corrupt politician would be unlawful but not unjust.

Coming to Ram Rahim, it is good that an impostor like him has been brought to book.

But there is an elephant in the room that everyone is missing, not intentionally but as a habit of a dead portion of mind. Or rather, prolonged conditioning of the mind.
The prosecution and subsequent jailing of Ram Rahim is a matter that proclaims the tolerant spirit of the Hindus and a matter that should shove dirt into the mouths of secularists who shout ‘equality of religions’ when there is none.

There are hundreds of Islamic Mullahs and Christian priests that are guilty of all kinds of shameful crimes but none of their ‘impeachment’ has made it to the headlines really.
Leave alone religious leaders, you cannot even hang a terrorist convict like Yakub Memon. Not easily.

There has to be a national debate on all channels, running for hours a day, for a week.
There is protest and challenge from Muslim leaders.
There is murmur of dissent among common muslims.
On the day of the hanging, curfew has to be imposed in thee city of Nagpur.
When the dead body is released, 10000 innocent muslims gather on the streets of Nagpur to join the funereal procession of one of their brotherhood!
They express solidarity with him, it doesn’t matter that he was a terrorist convict!

You can arrest Jayendra Saraswati, the Shankaracharya of Kanchi, on the day of Deepavali - yes, Jayalaltha did that!
But you cannot hang Yakub Memon.

This being the case, any talk of ‘Hindu intolerance’ is no less than criminal conspiracy. Of Himalayan proportions.

The Hindu community should take pride in being able to uphold justice beyond considerations of caste, religion and such.
The prosecution of Ram Rahim and other impostors is something that the Hindus should feel proud of, something that should serve as an example to the totalitarian Abrahamic religionists!

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G S Prasad said...

Hardly anyone remembers that it was the Paramacharya of Kanchi whose pioneering efforts made religion a right of every Indian.