Saturday, October 31, 2015

Returning Awards

Dear BJP,

Want to return awards do they?

This is how you should respond to them.
Open an Award Wapsi bank account, publish the details of it and ask them to transfer all the award money to that account; after all what is use of returning a medal or a piece of paper and keeping the award money?
Let them transfer their award money to this account – tell them this money will be used to provide compensation to all those poor victims of intolerance that they are custodians of.
Assure them only Muslims and Christians will receive the benefit of their money; no Hindu will receive the benefit of it even though they may have been the victims of Muslim/Christian intolerance.
The scores of RSS workers being killed in Kerala or the anti beef worker who was killed recently or those in Bengal who are not allowed to do Durga Puja or the Kashmiri pundits awaiting rehabilitation since decades or the Hindu woman starved and beaten up by her Muslim husband for not converting to Islam will not receive the benefit since you do not have a serious problem with their predicament.

Start publishing on national television and other media on a daily basis the amount of money that has flown in into this account – who has returned what amount and the balance remaining.
If someone does not return the award money or returns partial amount, call out their names and shame them.

The next time a Hindu or Hinduism is the victim of Muslim/Christian aggression, summon a notice to all of them artists asking them to air their views.
Most of them will not have anything to say, a few will render lip service.
Publish the statement made by those few who do make some reluctant vague statement and also publish the names who have not made any statement.
Ask them why they won’t react with the same vehemence this time.

Tell the country so and so artist was outraged at that incident when a Muslim or his religious sentiment was hurt but did not feel any anger this time when a Hindu was offended.
Shame them.

Find out where they live.
Every time a Hindu is offended, send activists to their streets - let the activists hold banners - 'Hindus are humans too', 'Hindus have rights too' and chant slogans. Lets see how many of them artists come out of their houses to join the rally, what they say and air the whole thing on national television.
Shame the anti Hindu, pseudo secularists!


Nitish Ratnam said...

Hey Sowmya, can you create a separate page and link for your travelogues? Those take up a lot of space and it gets difficult for people to navigate to your older posts!

Sowmya Chakravarthy said...

Just scroll all the way to the bottom and click on 'Older Posts' :)

Anonymous said...

What a Hypocrisy ?
Give a search for "Aamir khan chomi_hs" you will find interesting insights -

Hi Aamir,

I met you at Rangashankara after 'Black Tie'. I cannot believe my luck. :-) I would love to meet you again. You can reach me at 9845761010. Email:

Awaiting your response.... Sowmya

Publish this if you LOVE truth - truth liberates !

Anonymous said...

Really Surprised by your tolerance level ! Some one is calling you a Hypocrite and you have still not deleted the same -

sridhar said...

Dear Soumya ji, you have reflected my point of view to the 'T'.

I would like to follow your blog and contribute if possible from my end.

Best Regards,

Sridhar Karanam