Sunday, September 13, 2015

Meat Ban

I am vegetarian.

But all I need to do to understand the disappointment about 4 days of meat ban is to imagine how I would feel if milk or carrot or potato, or rice or all of them were to be banned for 4 days.

The way I feel when I think about it is no more than a little bit of annoyance.
Those who know me would say that is because I am anyway dieting all the time, but I am sure about one thing: even if I were a glutton, the feeling could be nowhere close to ‘Vehemence’, the kind which should trigger hours and hours of debate on national television, resentment about a political party that has no charges of corruption, countless tweets and facebook posts, articles from ‘luminaries’ expressing regret about voting for the party with complete disregard for a thousand right moves it has made towards taking the nation forward.

(Wait. Are dead ‘stars’ grabbing these ‘opportunities’ to tell people they are still alive? I mean, Shehnaz Treasurywala, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, Shobha De? Who would even notice them, or remember they once existed if not for their 'open letters' on Facebook and their dumb commentary on NDTV debates?)

Why so much vehemence against 361 days of unchecked indulgence (4 days of abstinence)??
Do they think they are opposing terrorism? Scams? Crimes? Encroachment at the border? Compromise of national security? Scandals?
The very fact that they are jumping at every opportunity trivial and more trivial to ‘condemn’ the government reveals the truly dog like nature of these ‘watchdogs’. Cant find a thief to bark at? bark at the neighbour, owner... Can't find a scandal, scam? Pick Sanskrit, Cows... I should liken them to serpents perhaps.

Alright you don’t approve of certain moves of this government. You didn’t vote for this ‘ideology’.
But by now you should know it’s part of the package.
And knowing that the more important parts of this package are ‘Development’, ‘Honesty’, ‘No corruption’, ‘Tough measures on terrorism’, ‘Rehabilitation of persecuted Kashmiri Hindus’, ‘Article 375’, 'Loyalty to India and not Italy', 'Bring Back Black Money', ‘Uniform civil code’, ‘Yoga’, ‘Smart cities’, 'Clean India', 'Declassify Netaji Bose's files', 'Clean up the Ganges', 'Permanent Seat in the UN' and much more, you should be more than happy to make small sacrifices of meat, alcohol, porn, late night pubbing, fashion TV, etc., sacrifices if you indeed consider them to be!!!

But no, you have second thoughts about voting for this party! and ask everyone else to do so! Where are your priorities?
...Gives you away. Completely.

If you don't like things, criticize them, but the criticism has to be proportionate to the alleged/perceived wrong.
Don't say ridiculous things like 'bells and alarms should ring in our heads!'
And to say something like "Disappointing. Annoying. Frightening. Unacceptable. Despicable. Shocking, Despotic Fascist Regime!...", you must be a wretched human being, which Suchitra Krishnamoorthi is!
Save it, save it for the scams of the Congress party; save it for the conspiracy that killed Netaji, save it for the number of zeroes you can't even count in that large number in that Swiss Bank secret account. Don't waste it on 4 days of vegetarianism.

Knowing and seeing that this government is in action every single day, taking strides that one never saw or heard of in 60 years of all previous governments, knowing of its grand plans and dreams for India, if you start kicking and biting at having to give up a beer here and a nude there, it goes to show how selfish, shortsighted you are and how reluctant to give up even the smallest of personal inconveniences for the greater good of this country for which you flaunt so much care and concern.

As for Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, her Aphallatosis seems to have crippled her mind completely.
So much confusion!
Here she says, "I want to marry again only for sex",
and there she says, "I am old fashioned and shocked at the advances men make at me",
admits to having Aphallatosis (a rare mental disorder arising from lack of sex)
and then she says, "my father recites the Vedas, it is so in my bloodline..."
says "India needs strong women & mothers, not cleavage flashers..advises Sonam Kapoor and Gul panag to put on clothes if they aspire to get into politics because "a young woman seen in a sexual context will not be taken seriously" only to be rebuked by people and to be called mean and bitchy
but after that asks BJP who the hell gave them the right to tell people what to eat...
THAT'S EXACTLY the question Sonam and Gul Panag were asking HER when she told them what clothes to wear!

One can see she has cobwebs not only between legs but also between her ears!

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Dr. S. V. Narasimhan said...

Ms. Sowmya, I want to remind you that none of us in India are non-vegetarians. We eat a mixed diet that is made of staple wheat or rice and some vegetables plus or minus one or two pieces of meat, which is basically vegetarian. It is absurd to make a big cry if, for one or two days you do not have pickles on your plate.