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Ladhak & Kashmir 2010 - Day 5 - On the Way to Pangong Lake - Chemde Monastery

4th July 2010

We were on the way to Pangong lake.
Having had a rough time with the driver to Nubra valley, I asked the agency this time to give me an elderly fellow who would drive slowly and be patient with us.

During my previous visit, we hadn’t stopped at Chemde, we had seen it from afar and passed it by. There had been 3 other people, the girl from Germany, the girl from Korea and the guy from France. Their wish mattered too.

This time it was just us and I decided to stop for a quick visit and pictures of course!
This is one of the Gompas east of Leh, about 45 kilometers from Leh.

It looks a lot like Thikse but is situated such that it remains in your field of view, unobstructed, clear, for a long time, looking majestic as you drive at a distance, or close by or even towards it.

Flanking the approach road are green fields; you will see them green only during this season.

We visited the various prayer halls – Dukhang, Lhakhang... and then, from its rooftop, we saw a beautiful patchwork of green lush fields below incredibly juxtapositioned with brown and bare rugged mountains without a blade of grass on them.
Coming to think of it now, I had bought a coffee table book in an exhibition that had 365 pictures, one for each day, of spectacular arial views of various places on Earth. Some of them were patches of cultivated fields, a delight to the eye, looking at which I had thought, some day...

It is true. Our dreams come true.

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