Monday, January 09, 2012

Be Choosy!

Resentment is a luxury. Or so we should treat it.
Many a time, we tend to treat it like a cheap freely available commodity. Resent this, resent that, resent him and resent her.
Almost everything in this world is imperfect – even nature.
It is possible to resent everything. In the name of principles and ideals. It provides much fodder for those who like arguing. About various things they come across.

For example, I know a woman who has never seen male dominance in her own personal life and will never see it, but strongly and vociferously resents males in general for being chauvinistic. Does it matter that some male is beating some woman in Rajasthan? I mean, when you are not even doing anything about it?

Another guy in my circle hates the guru of a pop cult for the way he looks, his effeminate voice, his body language and so many other reasons and has sworn never to learn a certain very useful breathing technique he teaches. Would you not rather learn the good and forget the rest?

Another guy who will not visit any of the parks in the residential areas of the city for he believes in natural forests and is ‘against’ artificial parks!
No one could say you are wrong in your resentment.
But one should be choosy. For one’s own sake.
One cannot resent everything. It requires you to expend energy or thought or action.
There is only so much of your mind you can spare for resentment. And moreover, you can’t change things by simply resenting them.
It’s best to let go.
When we feel the temptation to resent someone or something, perhaps it would be a good idea to make a list of the good and bad of that something or someone.
And then study the lists and think whether it really deserves our resentment. And whether the matter means anything at all to our immediate purpose in life.
If not, we should let go, and save our resentment for something more deserving.
Being selective and focused is important in such matters too.

This probably has to do with being dispassionate while being passionate.


PaLa said...

"Almost everything in this world is imperfect – even nature"

is it so? what is perfection :)

"everything in nature is perfect as it is and that most of the attempts of men to control or even understand nature usually end up being futile." - Masanobu Fukuoka

:) :)

Srinivas_kini said...

So true, But sometimes I do go offtrack... Thanks for the blog.


Anonymous said...

"Almost everything in this world is imperfect – even nature"
"I" "think" :):) thinking is what makes us imperfect. Otherwise the whole universe is perfect.
You think that everything in this world is imperfect because you have not seen the purple frog - Sowmya.(Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis )
Till you see this frog in the natural forest of western ghats you will not believe that world is perfect.
So pls come to the natural forest and look at the vast sky to realize that the universe is perfect as is.

Anonymous said...

Did the world come and ask you the question "Am I perfect or imperfect" ?

Sowmya said...

For those of you wondering how nature could be imperfect, think about untimely rains, inadequate rains, calamities that take innocent lives, siamese twins... :)

Anonymous said...
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