Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yercaud - Day 1 - Surroundings & The Lake

Red and orange are difficult to capture. I found the right adjustment to get the exact colour. Reduced the picture brightness by two units.

Put the hat on and tried to look cute.

After lunch at Malar, we drove around.

We should have more of this tree in our cities. Sweet reminders of the colourful fall of October 2007 in Seattle.

A very old house. It’s going to be turned into hotel or something. Someone said it was getting a facelift.

A dried up thorny shrub with red flowers. Found this lining many roads on the hillside.

A machine. Perhaps it is a historic moment for this town. It may never look the same again.

Boating on the lake. It wasnt much of a lake. Our Karanji lake in Mysore is bigger and more beautiful than this.
The boatman was right at the centre of the boat. Trying to keep the balance, not allowing us to move from our place. To my annoyance.

Anna Park. Small. Rose gardens are so common. They could develop into something beautiful. I was thinking of the Japanese tea garden in San Francisco. If they could cultivate it into something similar, it would be truly worthy of one’s time.

Overall, not much. My father said Kodai and Ooty were much better. The next day was going to be much better.

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Pradeep said...

yercaud photos tumba chennagide Sowmya. SLR camera inda tegedidda photos??

Pradeep Prasad