Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ladakh - Day 9 - Nyamgel Tsemo

We returned from Pangong lake when it was still bright and sunny in Leh. That would be my last evening in Leh. The next morning I was flying to Delhi.

So in the few hours that were left, I decided not to rest after the long journey, but to cover some more places that were left. I was greedy. But I am also proud of my never tiring limbs and never never tiring spirit.

And Fee decided to join. So I and Fee started. It was a short walk to the foothills and then the climb to Naymgel Tsemo.

The crest of the palace ridge, high and away to the east crowned by an imposing red building is the Nyamgel Tsemo that can be clearly seen from most parts of Leh.

The obvious route is the climb to the peak from the palace. But we took an alternate route of ascent, up the northern slope from chubi - I think. However, we climbed down via the obvious palace route.

The climb which offered splendid views of the fields below was a reward in itself. This was certainly higher than the palace and may be higher than Shanti Stupa which we could see perched on a hilltop at a distance.

Nyamgel Tsemo is ‘The peak of victory’.

Leh's first fortress was built here. The remains of this, besides two temples - one of which is the Maitreya shrine, is the red structure visible from below - stand on the crest.

Maitreya temple, Gonkhang and Avalokiteshwara for you…

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