Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monsoon Sky in Mysore

Mysore. 14th September 2009. Monday. The day after Janmashtami Aarti.

It is the season of Monsoon. For the past few days, it has been drizzling sometimes, raining sometimes and pouring other times. But all the time, it has been cloudy. I love the cloudy weather.

Most of the people I know cannot endure the cloudy weather for more than a few minutes or hours. When someone says the weather is sloppy, they mean that it is cloudy.
I, for one would be happy never to see the Sun. Well, almost!

I love the clouds. Especially when they are dark, black and thick. Such an atmosphere uplifts my spirit! It has such a soothing effect.
There have been times when my soul was tormented. Then, as if someone were watching me from above, the sky turned dark. I suddenly felt better. And grateful to the clouds! They gave me such respite!

This evening, I was packing in a hurry. I felt heavy at heart. I had to return to Bangalore after 3 days of festivity and celebration in Mysore. My father shouted to me, “Hurry up! It will start raining anytime. The sky is frighteningly dark.”

I stole a moment to run to the terrace with my camera hidden in my fist carefully and flung the terrace door open.

Even as I took these pictures, the sky changed. The clouds were closing in. There was only a small patch of light blue, some white clouds and shafts from a sun that they were hiding. The rest of the sky was dark grey. Soon, more and more grey dissolved in the painting, subduing whatever blue there was. Fruit laden guava branches swayed gently in the breeze that sang the arrival of rain.

Truly life is full of magical moments...


hiro said...
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Nitish Ratnam said...

Yeah, I remember that Guava tree! :-)

Sowmya said...

Hey Nitish,

Nice to hear from you after a long time...
Yeah... I remember your visit.

You know what? The gooseberry tree is gone :( we needed space for extending the portico... and the axe fell on the tree that came in the way :(

It will be nice to have more comments from you ...