Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Magical Sunset

This was the most dramatic sunset I have ever seen in my life.

The beach looked like a true Goan beach. It began with rows of coconut palms after which there was a stretch of sand beach and then the sea.

When we arrived here, the sky was covered in a blanket of grey clouds and the sun was not to be seen. There would appear a bright spot here and a smudged clot of gold there in the grey blanket indicating the position of the sun and it’s downward journey.

And then suddenly the sun appeared from behind the blanket and the whole world was washed with a golden yellow. The sea turned to orange to deep red.
It started raining and when we looked behind there was a rainbow. And after sometime, there was another rainbow. It was the first time I saw two rainbows from one end to the other with absolutely nothing to obstruct the 180 degree arc. I am sure it was the first time for many others too.

Everyone on the beach seemed to be celebrating this magic.


Pramshanks said...

Hey Sowmya, great pictures... good to see a transition from the maountains to the beaches!

Satish said...

sunset beautifully captured...

Sowmya said...

Thanks Pramod.

Hey Satish,

Where the hell were you all these days?
Now go read all blogs that are pending and leave me comments..