Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This And That...

These days, I sit in my chair contemplating nothing in particular and everything in general, momentarily taking control of my mind which is full of ideas buzzing about like the seventh orbit electrons – with the outcome of some serendipitous self discoveries, some epiphanies, some things that matter and some others that don’t…

With all the reading that I have been doing, my vocabulary has extended.
The result is that, these days, I find myself in a major crisis of semantic muddle.
There are too many adjectives to choose from and too many ways of phrasing a sentence. I can’t believe I grope for words, although once in a way.

There was a time, when I used to love arguing. I would argue passionately with friends and family. I could go on forever.
I am easily incited and therefore it was easy to pull me into an argument.
But things have changed. (The change has taken me by surprise because I do not know when it happened.)
I prefer calm discussions to heated arguments.
It vexes my spirit when the other person is not looking at the same picture as I am, interrupting me when I have half finished a point, but countering vehemently all that I am saying.
These days, I give up. I try to reach a quick consensus or just say “May be”. And then, half the people who try to argue are those who do not matter. So why waste time and energy trying to convince them?

Elocution suits me better than debating. I have all the time to say peacefully all that I have to say. I don’t have the need to battle my way through interruptions.
Also, I am not mercurial in my responses. I can present irrefutable arguments, but I need time as I build my arguments brick by brick.

I had an epiphany, just like that.
If a business is completely ethical, then there should be no profits.
If a business is hundred percent ethical, then such a business should break even. No profit, no loss. After all the produce has been sold, all expenses have been met and all employees compensated, there should be no money left in the coffers.
If there is money left in the coffers, then, somewhere, someone in the system has been exploited or some harm done to the environment(unless money can be created out of thin air).
Nobody will agree with me. But that’s OK.

A lot of people take great pride in having the ‘freedom’ to ‘blow up’ all their money, ‘enjoy their earning’ and not be ‘burdened or pressurized to save’.
What a semantic muddle we live in!
A very important definition that I learnt in the recent times is the definition of ‘Financial Freedom’.
Financial freedom is not ‘having the freedom to squander your money the way you like without having to explain anything to anyone’. It’s not ‘being free to spend your money the way you like’.
Financial freedom is a measure of time. It is the amount of time, in days, months or years for which you can sustain the same standard of living as of today, if you stop working from tomorrow - without begging, borrowing or stealing.
So the more judiciously you spend the greater your financial freedom.
The more you save for tomorrow, the more financial freedom you enjoy.

One of these days, I woke up to the sound of my own laughter. What’s happening?

As I read more, write more, think more and contemplate more, I am becoming more self aware. I am wondering if I have, in the past, mistaken self awareness for narcissism. I am wondering if I should change my blog title.

Newspapers are a source of amusement, more than anything else; what with a world full of idiosyncrasies.

‘Stop using our songs to break terror suspects’!!!
Popular tracks by singers like Britney Spears and Bruce Springsteen are played out at earsplitting volumes to break terror suspects at US military camps.
The singers are furious that their songs are being used in prison camps in Iraq, Afghanistan etc Ha Ha Ha.

Pakistani textbooks teach “Hate India”.
This great historic discovery is taught to class 5 students. “Previously, India was part of Pakistan”. My blood begins to bubble and simmer. I am trying to be amused before the boiling point is reached.

Having a vision makes life difficult – because you have something to compare reality with;
and this comes in the way of acceptance.



Satish said...

Firstly Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!

ETHICAL BUSINESS- now most would call that an Oxymoron. Ethics is different according to each individual's value system. For a business man as long as he is abiding by the law, he is ethical....
Coming to the topic envrionmentalists, i find most of them to be hypocrats.....Khadi/Cotton Saree clad so called enivornmentalists still travel by AC cars and use plastic bags. Irony is,Cities have so many environmentalists and very few in the actual lap of nature...It is like talking about going green has become a fashion statement.Add to that is the fad of going organic.Hope one day you have a post on such people

I liked concept of Financial Freedom - I thought Financial Freedom is not being dependant on anyone to discharge one's Financial obligation.....

Waking up to the sound of your own laughter... guess that is part of the path to self awareness :)

Having a vision in life is difficult...Remember a saying on this " Ships are safe in the harbour, but that is not why they are built for"

Sowmya Chakravarthy said...

Happy new year to you Satish.......

Thanks for all of your comments boy...

As for your observation about the kind of people going green and going organic...... there are many similar people all over the place...

Did you read that post where I said in the US, people eat burger with extra cheese and then a diet coke? :-)

That apart, people do a lot of things these days because its cool...

Most of the people suffer identity issues and lack a sense of purpose. So they associate themselves with a cause, cult, movement or some such thing and that gives them a purpose to live by... what say???

Niva said...

firstly, New Year Wishes to you! :)
and with all the reading and writing you do... i always wanted to ask you how u manage your time around your work and all this reading and writing :)

with me, some days, i wakeup kissing my pillow..i don't know what's happening :D :P...
Liked the Financial Freedom defintion, which i think i have known it all the time in my subconscious mind :P.. hey an interesting post!

Sowmya Chakravarthy said...

Hey Niva,

Happy new year to you...

I hope this year, all the love stories you post to your blog will be your own and not imaginary.. :)
I hope you will not need substitutes such as the pillow... ;-)

Thanks for your nice words...

My work has never been so hectic... I can mange to do oher things like reading and writing... I am not too ambitious..

Nitish Ratnam said...

Not being ambitious is the greatest service one can do for him/herself!

Sowmya Chakravarthy said...

Hi Nitish...

:)Happy new year...
Do come here more often... and do leave me more than just a line...

I agree with you about ambition...but not totally... one must find his or her true calling... and then be ambitious...
that makes sense...

The tragedy is most of the people happen to be in a profession where they actually do not belong... and then, on top of that, they get ambitious... that is what wrecks their soul...

Sowmya Chakravarthy said...