Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Doubles, triples and Quadruples

June 28 2008 Sat 7:30 PM
English, 100 mins
Troupe: Evam Entertainment (from chennai)
Doubles,Triples and Quadruples

This is the most rewarding of all plays I have seen so far.
This troupe, Evam really is special.

They know the secret.
The secret to capture the heart of the audience. To make the audience fall in love with them anyway.

The members of the troupe are all very very talented. Some of them are from MICA (Management Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad)!!
No wonder their dialogue delivery was superb. First class! Especially Karthik, the cute charming fellow.

There were six to seven scenes, 5 to 10 minutes each. A newly married couple fighting on their wedding night, a father trying to teach his teenage son ways of love by taking him to a disreputed place, 3 men in a gang trying to shoot each other, two strangers in a psychiatrist’s clinic becoming acquainted with one another, a boy and his psychiatrist who looks more weird than her patient, and more.

There was humour in almost every other line. The spectators were roaring with laughter, so much that some dialogues were drowned in the noise.

Check out this line “A man should enter a marriage well versed in the ways of love. Otherwise, precious years are wasted in endless groping.” !!!! Wow! How we all laughed…

The show was house full. Why, there were people sitting on the flour, in between rows of seats, next to the entrance and everywhere…

This is the troupe that believes in doing things differently.

The show started with one of the members announcing the winners of a lucky draw. And when the winners went on stage, the artist announced that they had won free coaching in dancing! And much to the amusement of all of us, the coaching happened then and there with the artist dancing in the front and the winners following the steps!

Between two subsequent scenes the artists came to the fore and talked to the audience. They shared with the audience interesting incidents and episodes from their own lives. And they were hilarious. Meanwhile, other members of the troupe set the stage up for the next scene.

There was a plethora of profanity! But since it seemed relevant to the context, it wasn’t awkward.

The show ended in a nice way. They connected with the audience by a simple act of wishing one or two persons from the audience happy birthday and getting everyone else in the audience to sing the birthday wish to them.

They made us laugh, dance and sing.

Truly, it was a roller coaster ride. I watched the same play again in Chowdiah Memorial Hall the following week and fell in love with the troupe all over again!


kammommy said...

U r really pretty....no wonder you are in love with yourself.

I think evam very mediocre. My ex comapany did a play with them once, for a very very imp event. It was very school dramaish and all the CEO's were yawning to glory. Needless to say the whole exercise was a flop

Satish said...

i liked the dialogue "“A man should enter a marriage well versed in the ways of love. Otherwise, precious years are wasted in endless groping.”

Btw i thought MICA was famous for their masters is Mass communication and not dramatics.

Nonetheless another troupe added in the ever growing "TO SEE" list :)

Sowmya said...

welcome kammommy to this space...

I wonder if CEO's are in a position to appreciate intelligent humour...

After endless sitting through boring presentations, their minds have most certainly become dull and perhaps suitable only for loud slapstick jokes... rajnikant style may be ...

all subtlety would be lost on them... and of course ...one needs to have very good grasp of English to be able able to follow Evam dialogues and some flair for theatre and I dont see such mastery of language or fine taste in the corporate world...

Or may be Evam guys werent that good those days...

Anyway, have a good day and come back again... :-)

Sowmya said...

Thanks kammommy for your compliment :-)