Tuesday, June 10, 2008


8/15 Friday 18th April - Vedike Foundation, Bangalore
Venue - Rangashankara

One of those attempts to give clarifications about Islam. (I have no objection!)

The play is about a cultural event on the eve of Independence Day where representatives from several countries have been invited. The ones highlighted of course are the folks from Pakistan; the performers and the distinguished guests. There is much talk about Sufi, Sufi music, Sufi culture…some songs and dance sequences. And then a group of terrorists attack the place to disrupt the efforts being made to improve the relationship between India and Pak.… the rest you know… crying, pleading, fighting on the part of the organisers (especially the dignitaries from Pakistan). Threatening, mocking, and demanding on the part of terrorists. The defense of Islam in the midst of all these…

And then the terrorists die or surrender before the military forces of India.

I would call the show mediocre for several reasons.

It is not clear as to how the terrorists were defeated. Not a single stratagem. They are just defeated. Happy ending like Bollywood movies. The climax is not quite a climax.

There is some force-feeding of humour in rather serious situations making it seem out of place and time…a kind of misfit…like the terrorist wishing a girl happy birthday… the girl telling a friend on her cell phone that it is all very thrilling…etc.

Some terrorists have second thoughts at the 11th hour…a sudden awakening of conscience of sorts… totally unheard of…

CR Simha’s dialogue delivery is obviously bad. Don’t know if it’s aging or lack of practice…

If you have nothing else to do with your evening, you may go watch it.


Pramshanks said...

Islam is indeed inspirational in its heart... if you are interested, read Sufi literature. It will lighten your heart and make you wiser!

Sowmya said...

Hmm... will do it someday... got a lot of unread books in my almirah now... :)